Sunday, May 26, 2013

Too Long!!!

Holy crimanently it's been way too long since we have posted anything.  What's new and been happening with the Lil'Riggs Fam since last year?   Well we had listed our house last May (2012) had a couple offers but none that were very good ended up taking it off the market in mid October.  Chris and I decided that I would move down to my parents in Alamosa while the house was on the market.  While down here in Alamosa Caeven went to a year of preschool which just ended last week and he had so much fun with his teachers Ms. Rachel and Ms. Iv.  Chris had lower back surgery in September on a severely inflamed/bulging disc and a piece of the disc matter had broken off and was pinching the main nerve going down his left leg.  Surgery went well and he's getting around and feeling so much better but still has some numbness in his little toes.  We had the opportunity to visit my sister Rochelle and her husband Chris in late October and took the kids to Disney World and had tons of fun with Mickey and his pals on Halloween.  Chris' Grandma Riggs passed away in November and her funeral was just before Thanksgiving and Chris was able to go for a whirlwind trip flying out from Denver to Salt lake, jumping in the car with his brother Kevin and his family down to St. George, he and Kevin drove from St. George to Kanab, Kanab back to St. George and then onto Vegas where he caught a plane back to Denver and then drove to Colorado Springs to pick up his mom and then they drove down here to Alamosa for a great Thanksgiving Day/Brynlee birthday celebration. So Brynlee is now 2 1/2 and Caeven had his 5th birthday and is excited to get into Kindergarten @ TCA (The Classical Academy) back in Colorado Springs in the fall.  We relisted the house in March and had lots of showings but no offers and then in April the basement flooded.  4 weeks later almost the repairs were done and the basement looks great again.  Showings had resumed but still no offers and I'm getting closer to my due date with baby #3...which will be a total surprise on July 12th...more likely early July.  So with dates getting close and not wanting to deal with moving while 8-9 mos preggers or possibly with a newborn Chris and I felt that the right decision is to stick it out at our house until next year so we can have the family back together as it had been tough on us and the kids to only wee each other once every week or two.  I have to thank my parents for letting me and the kids and frequently Chris invade their home with toys and noise the last 9 mos.  It has been so much fun for the kids to be able to see my parents everyday and build such a great relationship with them.  Oh, one other detail, aside from baby #3 coming we decided to get a dog a few mos back as we thought we would have a new house with a back yard.  Maia is now 6 almost 7 mos old and weighs (as of 2 days ago) 48 lbs and is a Great Pyrenees mix (with German Shepard or Collie we're not too sure) but she is just a sweetheart and so good with the kids.  This weekend is my 10 yr high school reunion at the Sand Dunes and then we are getting as much as we can together and moving it back to Colorado Springs tomorrow...I know great way to spend Memorial day but it will be nice to have everyone back together.  I will do my best to post pictures of the last year but that may take me another year as well to complete.  Nonetheless we'll at least get some more current photos of the kids up.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Brynlee at one

Brynlee is such a great girl although she is a bit of a handful she loves her brother and loves food, she also loves to give dirty looks and yell a lot. We are so blessed to have her in out home.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Now the real fun begins...Brynlee's starting to walk!


Old Stage Road & the Holy Ghost

Colorado Springs from a southwest view
Raising her right, Brynlee loves to play behind the wheel of my truck. (not sure if that's spit up or excess slober)
Got Big Red up on some rocks

Only had 1 issue w/Big Red the whole of the wires that goes into the coil had come loose, a quick strip and crimp and we were back on our way...(til we ran into a stump on the way out nothing broke (that I know of yet)...guess I'll never get away from stump jumping)

Caeven was not to happy when we arrived at the spot where we stopped to have a fire, dinner, and smores due to his jacket "bugging him"...he did however make us laugh pretty hard earlier when we were 4wheelin' he goes,"Whoa! Now that scared the Holy Ghost outta me!"
Brynlee wasn't too happy to be all bundled up especially after having a bottle prior to the ride up and then being shaken worse than a gallon of paint at Home Depot!
The smoke was between Brittney and us so the shot was through the smoke.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

very late Cali pics

This was our Trip to Cali to see me sister we had a lot of fun Caeven loved it. Here are just a few pics of the trip
We were happy that we were able to see Kelli while we were there

Silly faces with auntie Shells
Fairy tail land

Six flags

on the plane
the little beach in San Fran
The best cupcakes ever.

One of the very big red woods

Jelly Belly Factory. Caeven loved this and he ate a booger and skunk spray jelly beans. I have no idea why he wanted to try those.

my pack-horse
Shooting an air soft gun

This was his new suitcase that he sat on and we pulled him through the airport.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Easter

Hewanted to clean up his mess
Caeven's bunny cake
This is my Grandpa Caeven calls him Gpop.

Easter Eggs

This is what Brynlee did while the older kids colored eggs

Caeven loved this part. After he found all the eggs he went out and hid them for us to find he did this 5 times I think.


My mom made us all matching clothes this year the kids looked to cute.